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What You’ll Learn


Specialty Tea

Learn everything about the different kinds and types of tea, it’s steeping instructions and brewing techniques.


Ingredient and equipments

Gain understanding of kitchen tools and supplies needed to make high quality beverages and where to source them.


Costing and Pricing

Determine your selling price to assure that they reflect the dynamics of cost, market demand and profit objectives.


Sinkers and Floaters

We’ll show you the method of creating the perfect tapioca pearl, brown sugar syrup, rock salt and cheese, cream cheese and more.


Basic and Advanced Flavors

Learn the techniques of making specialty drinks. Make variety of flavored drinks with the right balanced taste.


Successful Marketing Strategy

The heart of every successful business lies in marketing. Learn ways to build your brand and increase your business’s income.

Who will Benefit?

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

You’re a first-time entrepreneur with no experience in business yet and you want to start your milk tea/ fruit tea shop

Food Business Owners

You already have a shop but you want to add more products to offer your customers.

Food Enthusiasts

You are someone who is a big fan of milk tea and have already considered the possibility of turning this passion into a business.

Milk Tea & Fruit Tea Training Course

Learn everything about Milk Tea & Fruit Tea, from the basics to advanced how-to’s and build your own business.
Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or already a business owner, this training is sure to help you.

Here’s just some of what you will learn in this training:

#1 Introuduction to Milk Tea

What you’ll learn from this training

What is Milk Tea & Fruit Tea

History of Milk Tea

Equipment and Supplies Needed

#2 All About Tea

Different Types of Tea

Flavor Definition & Health Benefits

Steeping Instructions and Brewing Techniques

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

#3 Basic Milk Tea

Milk Tea Ingredients

Preparation Guide

Milk Tea Using Syrup Flavor

Milk Tea Using Powdered Flavor

#4 Milk Tea Sinkers

Cooking Tapioca

Brown Sugar Syrup for Tapioca

Egg Pudding

Grass Jelly

#5 Cheese Series

Different Recipes

Rock Salt and Cheese

Cheese Base

Milk Tea with Cheese Preparation

#6 Fruit Teas

Fruit Tea Ingredients

Preparation Guide

Different Sinkers for Fruit Drinks

Chia Seeds

#7 Advanced Fruit Tea Flavors

Two and Three Layer Fruit Drinks

Yakult Mix

Italian Soda

Aurora Series

#8 Trendy Milk Tea Recipes

Brown Sugar Milk

Matcha Espresso

Black Wintermelon

Black Mousse Milk Teas

#9 Money Matters

Costing and Pricing

Initial Investment

Operating Expense

Sales & Profit Projection

#10 Marketing Strategies

Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing

Tools to use for Social Media Posts

Creating a successful marketing strategy



I just attended their training and it was really a nice experience. The facilitators are very nice and approachable. They give pointers on how you can make your business effective. Also, the recipes shared are really good.

I really enjoyed the training and all the activities included in it and I highly recommend it to everyone who’s planning to put up a milk tea shop. The training coverage is more than what I paid for.

Thank you Queenie and Akiko for sharing your knowledge with us.

Mel DeJesus

We had a great time learning from Q & A yesterday. The 4 hour training was jam-packed with important and helpful information, actual making of milk teas and other fruit drinks, innovations, ideas on starting and launching your own business and so much more.

I had learned so many things about the Milktea business in one sitting. Q & A you were very generous in sharing informations and pointers. I enjoyed the experience of innovating my drinks. Thank God for your hearts Q & A, you are a great help and a blessing to new entrepreneurs and to those who are interested to venture in other business like us. The Lord bless you even more.

Overall, the training was great and extensive, easy to follow and easy to understand. Great job to all of you. 👋👋👋 Will definitely recommend Q&A Universitea to others.

Jovet Mojal

100% legit and worth it ung ibabayad at oras na ilalaan. Super galing nila mag demo and explain at pag di mo na gets ask mo lang uli at explain uli nila, organize para di malito habang nag training.

May team work unlike sa iba at lahat ituturo nila sa training kaya sulit. Thank you Q&A good job and ang enjoy ako dami ko natutunan na bago ngayon kulang ang 5 star. Keep it up guys. 👏👏👏👏😘😘

Camille Rivera

Training Highlights

Commonly Asked Questions

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Will I get a certificate?

Yes! Make sure to sign up using your full name so it will reflect on your certificate 😉

Do I have to pay now?

To confirm your slot, you will need to send us a deposit of P1000 before the day of the training. We have to confirm attendees to prepare the training certificates in advance as well as the materials needed for the hands-on training.

On the day arrivals or walk-ins has a higher rate, and will not be able to receive physical copy of the completion certificate.

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