7 Facts about Taro

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What is Taro? It’s not UBE, it’s GABI!

If you are a milk tea lover, you probably have ordered Taro. But do you really know what TARO is?
Here are some facts about Taro that you might not know:

Taro is a Vegetable

Taro is a ROOT VEGETABLE native to Southeast Asia. Yeap, you read it right – TARO is a vegetable. You probably have no idea, but you’ve been drinking vegetable all this time but didn’t notice coz’ it tastes SO yummy!

Taro is “Gabi”

Taro is “gabi” in the Philippines and it is called “natong” in the Bicol Region. We use it’s leaves and corms to make different dishes. A popular recipe for taro is “laing” which main ingredient is taro leaves. Another dish in which taro is commonly used is sinigang, although radish can be used if taro is not available. The corm is also prepared as a basic ingredient for ginataan, a sweet recipe that is often enjoyed for merienda or dessert.

Taro and Ube are not the same

We are often confused because Taro and Purple Yam (ube) looks the same. But when you strip off the skins, they are different in color. Taro is Colocasia esculenta while purple yam is Dioscorea alata.

Taro is not really purple

When we hear taro, we usually think of the color purple but in reality, the inside color of a “corm” bulb used in taro cooking ranges from pure white to a light lavender. Usually, taro-flavored food and drinks have a little food coloring added to make an eye-catching purple hue.

Taro is jam-packed with minerals, and vitamins

Taro root is a great source of fiber, iron, potassium and offers a variety of potential health benefits, including improved digestion, gut and heart health. Its leaves are also high in minerals and vitamins A, B, and C. 

Taro can be purchased in powder form

If you feel like making a milk tea or a smoothie at home and you don’t want the hassle of actually buying and boiling taro, you could always buy taro in powder form. Creamy, light vanilla and nutty flavor that’s delicious with a floral aroma.  

It is an ideal ingredient for smoothies and used sometimes in baking.

Taro is one of the most popular bubble tea flavor in the world

It’s eye-catching color and unique creamy sweetness has made taro one of the world’s most popular milk tea flavor. Taro Milk Tea is best paired with pudding and black pearls.


It is very common to see taro as a flavor in desserts and drinks but only a few people know what taro really is. Taro, often called the potato of the tropics, varies in color from white to grey to lavender and has a mildly sweet taste. Not only does this plant share potato-like qualities such as its starchiness and texture, taro is also commonly used in making bubble milk tea. I hope you learned a thing or two about taro and its benefits in this short blog.

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