Learn the following:

 Proper Brewing of Tea
 Proper Cooking of Tapioca Pearls
 Proper Cooking of Brown Sugar Syrup
 Different Rock, Salt & Cheese Preparations
 Cream Cheese Recipe
 Basic to Advanced Milk Tea and Fruit Tea Mixtures
 Learn how to create your own signature drink
 Hands-on Training (Actual Mixing)
 Two & Three Layered Drinks
 Yakult Mix
 Pricing and Costing
 Marketing Strategies

This course is perfect if:

  • You’re a first-time entrepreneur with no experience in business yet and you want to start your milk tea/ fruit tea shop
  • You already have a shop but you want to add more products to offer your customers.
  • You are someone who is a big fan of milk tea or fruit tea and have already considered the possibility of turning this passion into a business.


Milk Tea Supplies

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