Now is the perfect time to start
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Learn everything about Milk Tea & Fruit Tea,

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Who Is This Training For?

Aspiring Entrepreneur

You’re a first-time entrepreneur with no experience in business yet and you want to start your milk tea/ fruit tea shop


Food Business Owners

You already have a shop and business but you want to offer more products to your customers, such as milk tea or fruit tea.


Food Enthusiasts

You are someone who is a big fan of milk tea and have already considered the possibility of turning this passion into a business.


What You’ll Learn

Specialty Tea

Learn everything about the different kinds and types of tea, it’s steeping instructions and brewing techniques.

Costing and Pricing

Determine your selling price to assure that they reflect the dynamics of cost, market demand and profit objectives.

Basic and Advanced

Learn the techniques of making specialty drinks. Make a variety of flavored drinks with the right balanced taste.

Ingredients and Equipments

Gain understanding of kitchen tools and supplies needed to make high quality beverages and where to source them.

Sinkers and Floaters

We’ll show you how to create the perfect tapioca pearls, brown sugar syrup, rock salt and cheese, cream cheese and more.

Successful Marketing Strategy

The heart of every successful business lies in marketing. Learn ways to build your brand and increase your business’s income.

Milk Tea & Fruit Tea Training Course

Learn the Basics!

#1 Introduction to Milk Tea & Fruit Tea

  • What you’ll learn from this training
  • Download the MODULE
  • Milk Tea and Fruit Tea and its History
  • Equipment and Supplies Needed

#2 All About Tea

  • Different Types of Tea (Flavor Definition & Health Benefits)
  • Steeping Instructions and Brewing Techniques
  • Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

#3 Basic Milk Tea

  • Introduction to Milk Tea
  • Milk Tea Ingredients
  • Preparation Guide – Milk Tea & Flavored Milk Tea
  • Let’s make a Classic Milk Tea!
  • Milk Tea using Syrup Flavor
  • Milk Tea with Powdered Flavor
  • Preparation Guide – Milk Tea using Fruit Syrups

Customize your Drinks

#4 Milk Tea Sinkers

  • Cooking Tapioca
  • Brown Sugar Syrup for Tapioca
  • Grass Jelly/Black Jello
  • Egg Pudding

#5 Cheese Series

  • Rock Salt and Cheese
  • Demo: Dark Choco RSC
  • Cheese Base
  • Demo: Matcha Cheesecake

#6 Fruit Teas

  • Introduction to Fruit Teas
  • Preparation Guide – Fruit Tea/Fruit Cooler
  • Demo: Fruit Tea/Fruit Cooler
  • Different Sinkers
  • Chia Seeds

Customize your Drinks

Make Trendy Drinks

#7 Advanced Fruit Tea Flavors

  • Preparation Guide – Two Layer Fruit Drink
  • Demo: Two Layer Fruit Drinks (Fruit Tea & Fruit Soda)
  • Preparation Guide – Three Layer Fruit Drink
  • Demo: Three Layer Fruit Drinks
  • Yakult Mix

#8 Trendy Milk Tea Recipes

  • Brown Sugar Milk
  • Matcha Espresso
  • Black Mousse Milk Tea
  • Black Wintermelon

Business Matters

#9 Money Matters

  • Milk Tea – Costing & Pricing
  • Fruit Tea – Costing & Pricing
  • Initial Investment
  • Operating Expense
  • Barangay Micro Business Enterprise (BMBE)
  • ROI/Sales & Profit Projection

#10 Marketing Strategies

  • Introduction to Marketing Strategies
  • Traditional VS Modern Marketing
  • Free Online Websites for Social Media Posts

Business Matters










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