Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas

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Got any plans for Valentine’s Day? It’s one special holiday milk tea shop owners should prepare for. Since we’re only a month away, we’ve compiled some promos done by other shops that you could also offer on or before Feb 14.

Treat your third wheel

A sure hit on valentines’ day! For couples buying two large drinks, you could give a free medium or small drink for their third wheel – either their child, a friend or a random person. 😬

Treat your ever-supportive third wheel friend because they deserve some love too! <3


Another way of saying I love you! Depending on your milk tea prices, you could pair 2 milk teas for the price of 143.00.

1 Litre Milk Tea

Share a milk tea with someone you love! If you don’t sell one-liter milk teas, here’s a perfect opportunity to offer it to your customers.

Couples who drink together, stay together


A promo everybody loves! Buy one, Get one! You could do Buy One Get One FREE or Buy One Get One 50% off


Offering a promotional freebie is also another great way to attract customers.
You can hand out free rose, free balloon, free cookie if they buy 2 large or medium drinks, it’s up to you to choose a good freebie that your customers would appreciate and to what promo or drinks you will pair it with.

Note: I suggest buying your freebie as early as now before it gets too pricey if it’s not perishable.


Here’s a promo for everyone but count the cost first before doing this. If you want to a win-win in this promo you could put a condition on it. Example: Free upsize for every two drinks or Free Upsize if they first like you facebook page.


Hope this blog was helpful to you! Doing these kinds of promos definitely will set you apart for your competitor (if there’s another milk tea shop near you). It’s up to you to choose, which idea you think will better attract your customers. Don’t forget to take pictures of your customers availing your promo then posting it on your social media pages so your customers could also feel the love. Or you could ask them to take photos with their drink and tag your shop or use your hashtag.

We hope you’d also share pictures on our exclusive Facebook group if you did these promos and let us know how your customers responded. Thanks for reading! God bless your shop.

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